Speakers 2012

Master of Ceremony

Folkert Rinkema is a concept developer, designer and photographer. Owner of “Frivista – concept & design”. Social entrepreneur who wants to balance profit and meaningful business. Frivista strengthens NGOs worldwide by equipping them with communication tools for local fundraising so they become independent from Western donors. At the Kick-off in Uganda a local business for creative and communication productions was created. Website

International speakers via live webcast 5.30pm – 7pm

Melinda Gates serves as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She helps set the overall direction of the foundation, shaping strategies, reviewing results, and advocating for the foundation’s issues. Melinda will discuss family planning and how the power to plan changes the lives of women and their families and improves whole societies.

Jeff Chapin is a mechanical engineer and product designer for IDEO. He specializes in designing sanitation solutions for the developing world and has conducted projects in both Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Jeff will challenge traditional perceptions of ‘design’ by emphasizing the importance of sustainable, market-based systems for developing societies.

Sven Giegold is a Member of the European Parliament and one of the founding members of Attac Germany. Sven has dedicated much of his career towards green industry issues. He will talk about the power of collective action and how the actions of individuals, communities, and progressive business can lead to critical changes at a national and international level.

Theo Sowa is an independent advisor and consultant, specialising in international social development with a particular emphasis on children’s rights and protection issues, especially in conflict situations. She is currently the Interim CEO of the African Women’s Development Fund, a pan African women’s grant making organisation. Born in Ghana, she has lived and worked in many countries in Africa, as well as the UK, Europe, and the USA. Her work includes advisory roles to African and other international women and children’s rights activists and leaders, plus policy development and advocacy with a variety of international agencies and organisations.

Baaba Maal is a Senegalese singer and guitarist born in Podor, on the Senegal River. Baaba sings primarily in Pulaar and is the foremost promoter of the traditions of the Pulaar-speaking peoples. He has released several albums. In July 2003, Baaba was made a UNDP Youth Emissary. In March 2012 he visited Mauritania with Oxfam to call attention to the humanitarian need resulting from the food crisis in the Sahel. Also an Ambassador for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign, he has become an increasingly vocal champion for the rights of women and girls.

7 pm – 10pm TEDxAmsterdamChange local program

Fransje van der Waals received her PhD degree from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam in 1995.  She has published five books on subjects concerning women’s health. She is the founding director of HealtheFoundation, a computer based training program for health care workers in the developing world that are involved in treatmenof HIV/AIDS patients. The Foundation’s prgrams are running in seven languages. Trainings were given in South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Fennie Lansbergen believes that we should strive towards an economy in which companies create social and economic value. With a background in business administration and working experience in Corporate Banking (Fortis) and Microfinance in the Netherlands (Qredits), she therefor works as a business developer at Enviu. She works on setting up several social-impact startups, one of those is Micro Pensions.

Georgina Kwakye is known as Gladys Bloem in the soap opera GTST. She has hosted several MTV programs, and the NCRV program Buya Music. In 2005, she established Stichting Ghanasi, supporting development projects led by her Ghanaian father. Together they renovate schools, build hospitals, and provide scholarships to under-privileged, talented children. In 2012, Georgina plans to set up Pimp My Village, a foundation supporting  migrants who conduct development projects outside Ghana. website

Michele Ernsting is the initiator of Love Matters and an award winning journalist who spent 15 years covering human rights and international law. Two years ago she swapped grave crimes and violations for sexual health and pleasure. “Most human rights issues are incredibly complex and difficult to solve. Love Matters can improve people’s daily lives by putting information they can use in the palm of their hand”.

Rieki Crins, cultural anthropologist, has spent the last two decades working with the people of Bhutan. This inspired her to set up a quality Ecolodge in central Bhutan and a community hospitality college where local Bhutanese will learn to be successful hoteliers. In support of this, Rieki created the Learning Exchange Foundation in 2009. This organization aims to raise awareness of Bhutanese culture in the West and to learn from their unique holistic lifestyle and world-view.

Marieke de Lange decided to go to Namibia after finishing her studies at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in 2005. She wanted to find out what it would be like to make theatre there with kids. It was a great experience and after this she decided to start her own organisation together with her friend Renske Hofman. Since 2006 Ubuntu is an official NGO. Marieke’s dream is that in the future there will be beautiful theatre productions all over the world with kids who need some special attention!!!

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