Tonee Ndungu

Tonee Ndungu
Director, Nairobi Incubation Laboratory

His Story

Tonee Ndugu is a Media Consultant with a specialty in New and Rich Media Tools & Applications. He is the founder of the Wazimba Youth Foundation which is an African youth I.T. out-reach organization that educates and emphasizes on the use of Internet based media, tools and social networks among teens in Africa. He is a Leadership Motivational Speaker, one of the organizers of the very first TEDxKibera and a Social Media enthusiast. Tonee heads up the international office of the 1% club in Kenya which is an online marketplace for small development projects where citizen and companies can contribute 1% of their income, time and knowledge to a project of their own choice. Last year, Tonee started a new initiative, namely an ICT Incubator: NAiLAB in Nairobi.

Description of Organization

We harness the simple ideas of the local, rural and technologically limited visionaries by opening up the opportunity for them to present their ideas to a group of tech-savvy ‘ideavattors’ [idea-innovation-creators]
that conceptualize and build the tools to make the simple idea applicable on technology platforms (mobile phones, the web etc). An example of their work is the M-Kulima (M-Farmer) concept; a farmer-friendly and cost effective mobile learning portal that allows farmers to listen to the specific advice they would need real time, at any place and at any time at nominal price. NaiLAB further supports young professionals in taking innovations to business by providing Business Development, Market Research, Law and Legal and Fund Sourcing support set them on their venture.


To improve the technology for local communities in the developing world and make a space for more young Africans to get involved in Africa.  To provide a place to an increased number of people from the developing world to host and share their ideas and how they can work. To have an increased network of ‘ideavattors’ [idea-innovation-creators] from various parts of the world that build on local ideas and concepts to develop locally applicable technologies for the masses.

Help Needed

  • Technical and Technology Partnership Development [Corporate or Individual]
  • Best Practices in Copyright and/or Patent Law
  • Initial Investment Opportunities
  • To Expand Our Network

His TEDx-Talk


Here’s a quote from Tonee about what has happened after his pitch in Amsterdam:

“The determination, commitment and engagement clearly visible during TEDxChange has carried on to have a direct impact on the work threat the NaiLab is doing and we are optimistic that we will get a thoroughly competitive, comprehensive and current business plan that will help us in the promotion of our services and ICT4D agenda. The NaiLab is as good as the people engaged in it and we are confident we have the very best team we can have. We are engaging more people and our team keeps getting more specific and result oriented as it grows. This is a sign of true promise. We are eagerly anticipating the result of this phenomenon. We know we will be further ahead at the end of this than we would have been if we were doing this on our own.”

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