Pascal Katana

Pascal Katana
Chairman, Young Innovators Club

His Story

Pascal Katana is a young Kenyan university graduate who set up The Young Innovators Club together with his business partner. Their aim is provide tools that empower the growth of technology. Due to one of their inventions, a stable communication was achieved in rural areas of Kenya where there is no national electricity grid available and hence helped in boosting the Kenyan economy.

Description of Organization

Mobile telephony is widely embraced in Africa and aids knowledge sharing and education. Yet due to the lack of power in rural Africa, people sometimes have to travel for half an hour just to charge their mobile phone which costs up to 1 euro per time. The Young Innovators Club have invented an number of products to solve this problem: they have invented a smart charger that can be connected to a bicycle and charges any mobile phone. This smart charger is sold in shops for 3 euro. They also invented a fish caller system that makes it easy to attract fish and eliminates by-catch. They are now working on a phone charger that works on sowing machines because it is mostly men that have bikes, and in this way women can charge their phones too. Not only is their invention a solution for the lack of power in rural Africa, it helps the world especially in the fight against climatic change. Their smart charger is inexpensive and works on any type of phone.


Coming from third world country, he hopes to give his country a positive change. He is inspired to find other sources of sustainable energy, such as a charger connected to a sewing machine (for women) or to a swing on a playground. Also he would like to produce hydrogen energy solutions for future generations. He is therefore hoping to get support from the audience to coach him with his projects and thereby help me further with these ideas.

Help Needed

  • Business plan on how to sell the outcome of his projects in Africa and the rest of the world
  • Financial support so as to mass produce my products
  • Marketing support to improve the website, packaging, branding, etc
  • Education assistance so as to empower them with more knowledge and information
  • Research assistance. Since most of the project are based on solving a problem; there is a need to properly research the demand
  • Material supports such as laptops so as to ease my project implementation
  • Moral support and business coaching

His TEDx-Talk


Here’s a quote from Pascal about what has happened after his pitch in Amsterdam:

After all the constructive feedback, I decided to improve my business plan before anything else. I have been working on this for the past month and will be sharing it with my table host. We will then present it to PUM who will assign someone to develop my business plan further. Once finished, we will share it with the guests and take up on their offers. I am excited, energised and grateful for everyone’s help and working hard to be at the right professional level when I take up on everyone’s offers.

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