Consolata Ndayishimiye

Consolata Ndayishimiye
President, Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi (FCCIB/CFCIB)

Her Story

In one of the poorest countries in the world, Mme Consolata Ndayishimiye inspired many female entrepreneurs to build up their own company and with that also their self-respect after the terrible events the country went through. Recently she got a new assignment so that she can continue her motivating activities on a national scale.

The economy in Burundi has been seriously damaged and has to be build up again by entrepreneurs and businessmen. Consolata has proven to be the right person to stimulate this essential process.

Description of organization

The Federal chamber is an association to suggest, initiate and support action that leads to conducive business environments throughout Burundi. The various sectors include agriculture, mining, tourism, transport and art. Running across that is support for women entrepreneurs and business focused on the provinces.

FCCIB is the only organization that covers the whole country and all segments of the private sector. As the government has determined the private sector as a significant engine in the development of the country, the FCCIB becomes a key player in implementing the action plan of the Millennium Development Goals.

Today, the FCCIB is the only organization that voices the interest of the private sector to the government, investors and other organizations. It is significantly contributing to the improvement of the business climate, and to overall economic improvement in Burundi.


  1. To implement a project with Burundi Diaspora for the capacity building of the communities involved in production and other various businesses.
  2. To promote Burundi and its businesses to a local and global audience.
  3. To set up investment projects for prioritized sectors such as Agriculture, Fishing, Mining, Energy and Tourism.
  4. To receive financial and technical support that would reinforce FCCIB’s ability to play its role in the development of the private sector.

Help Needed

  • The acquisition of partners for the Diaspora Project.
  • The acquisition of communication specialists for PR and participation in important trade fairs.
  • The acquisition of investors and partners for prioritized sectors.
  • The acquisition of partners for the FCCIB.

Her TEDx-Talk


Here’s a quote from Consolata about what has happened after her pitch in Amsterdam:

I was really touched by the warm interest many people showed for my country Burundi in general and my ‘Diaspora’ project in particular. It is overwhelming that so many people are willing to invest their time and skills to assist projects like ours. There were so many persons who wanted to help us with completely different support, that together with my table host, we first want to set up an actionplan and after that contact everyone who is willing to assist. The first step will be to create a network website where Burundi living abroad can meet and communicate directly with companies in Burundi. After that, we will have to make a communication plan; how to make this website well known with all the Burundi’s living outside our country. From the bottom of my hart, I would like to thank the TEDxChange organisation and all the participants of the September 20, meeting.

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