Arjan Erkel

Arjan Erkel
Director, Malaria No More! Netherlands

His Story

Arjan Erkel is the Director of Malaria No More! Netherlands. He worked for MSF in Dagestan where he was kidnapped and held hostage for nearly two years. His personal success in life is surviving this kidnapping. Since being freed in 2004, he has written three books; two novels and a management book about diversity. He holds workshops and lectures and since March 2009, he is the director of Malaria No More! Netherlands.

Description of Organization

Malaria No More! was born of a simple, startling insight: that ending malaria’s death grip on Africa is the best humanitarian investment we can make in the world today. Every 30 seconds, a child dies of malaria. That’s almost 3,000 children a day. This makes Malaria the number 1 killer in the world. Nothing else can have the same impact on as many people’s lives and livelihoods as quickly or cheaply. Malaria No More’s mission is to actively contribute to the prevention and treatment of malaria, and is determined to contribute to the elimination of malaria itself.
Many major global players in the fight against malaria are focusing predominantly on distributing bednets. Malaria No More does more than just distributing bed nets. Malaria No More! Netherlands supports 10 projects in Africa. Our program in Kenya contributed to the end of malaria deaths in the Shibinga region.


Malaria No More! has the tools (mosquito nets, medicine, spraying) to eliminate malaria deaths, but needs to dramatically scale up efforts to deliver them to the people who need them most. Therefore they started a project to raise awareness and funds to fight malaria. They want to hang a giant bednet at the Euromast in Rotterdam. If they succeed it will be the biggest bed net in the world and it will be listed in the Guiness book of records. With this action they want to raise a minimum of 500.000 euro and make a greater difference! The money will be used to finance malaria projects in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Cameroon.

Help Needed

  • Organization (fundraising, marketing and communication plan)
  • Access to media (PR)
  • Transport of the bed nets
  • Network of people who will help organizing and fundraising
  • Design and printing of advertisements
  • Entrance to CEO’s of multinationals or owners of big companies
  • Ideas and execution to realize all goals

His TEDx-Talk


Here’s a quote from Arjan about what has happened after his pitch in Amsterdam:

Since the TEDxChange event, a group of at least 40 enthusiastic people gathered together to make our fight against Malaria a serious one. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds to fight malaria. We’ll start this remarkable project by hanging a small bednet over the Madurodam Euromast (4 meter height) and we’ll end on the 25th of April by hanging the biggest bednet ever made over the Rotterdam Euromast (100 meter height). This is going to be a remarkable project with a lot of extra’s: a campaign website, a 3D animation of the Euromast, songs, bednet lingerie, a flash mob with 200 students, etc. It’s fantastic to feel the energy and experience the creativity of all the people who want this project to become a great success by fighting against Malaria together! This project is worth doing!

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